Plant Construction

Plant Construction

It takes a highly skilled and versatile construction crew to properly implement a good design. Our dedicated team has grown together from one project to the next, gaining valuable plant building experience and knowledge along the way. Together they have encountered all types of installations and challenges which has led them to develop a proven system that efficiently moves the construction process from breaking ground to the commissioning phase.

Custom Equipment

Sometimes the site specific requirements of a project call for a piece of equipment that is not on the market, or that is on the market for a price point that does not meet the customer’s budget. In these cases, our in house design and engineering team will develop a solution that is fabricated by our team of skilled metal workers. From solids feeding hoppers to pasteurizers through to custom agitators, we are able to manufacture a wide range of equipment to ensure that your biogas plant requirements are met. Please also see our Specialty Services to view some of the unique options we offer.

Plant Biological Support

To assist plant operators in keeping their plants biologically stable, we will coordinate any required substrate analysis and help interpret the lab results.  In the past, we have been heavily involved in lab testing, which has given us the knowledge and experience needed to ensure we follow the standards of the lab and properly apply the results to maintain plant stability. The most common tests include Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP), Total and Volatile Solids (TS/VS), and Volatile Organic Acids/Total (FOS/TAC).