DLS Agitation Nozzle

DLS has partnered with Sauter Biogas, one of the German leaders in the biogas industry. 

Sauters agitation system utilizes a recirculation method where the digestate is drawn from the bottom of the tank and sprayed on the surface with nozzles installed above the liquid level. This nozzle mix system holds several distinct advantages over internal mixer agitation used in conventional complete mix (CCM) systems. With this agitation we are able to build larger tanks whereas CCM tanks would require numerous mechanical mixers to adequately homogenize the material.  This gives our digesters the ability to hold more volume which leads to a longer retention time and higher gas yields.   Further, this creates a more flexible plant that will accept a wide range of feedstocks more efficiently.  CCM plants lack this versatility and therefore limit the plant owner`s income options.  In addition to creating larger tanks and increased feedstock ability, another key advantage the lack of maintenance.  The agitation nozzles can easily be removed externally should any maintenance be required saving the plant owner costly downtime commonly seen with other systems. This technology defines our system, sets us apart from the competition, and raises a new industry benchmark for reliably.