Supplier Relations

It’s common knowledge that Germany is the leader in the biogas industry. DLS Biogas has recognised this and we have strategically surrounded ourselves with Germany’s leading manufacturers. Our desire and passion to build the most reliable biogas plants on the market has led us to partner with Sauter Biogas and Elektro Hagl.


Stefan and Norbert Sauter grew up on a family farm where a biogas plant was put into production in 1992. Inspired at the ages of 14 and 12, respectfully, they pursued ways to improve the biogas industry in Germany, and through education and experimenting they developed their nozzle mix technology.  This technology has been invaluable to DLS Biogas here in Canada as it has given us the ability to build more reliable biogas plants with fewer limitations.


Elektro Hagl was founded in 1987 by Nicholas Hagl. They have grown to be one of the most successful CHP manufacturers, and they are the largest MAN OEM in Germany.  Hagls’ dedication to continuously developing their products has lead them to sell up to 500 CHP units per year.